Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Younger than McCain

Recently when I was celebrating my 55th birthday, I told a friend that while I don't feel old, 55 IS old. In an attempt to console me she said, "Hey, you're not old, John McCain is old. You're younger than McCain." I immediately thought, yes, John McCain IS OLD -- but one could be younger than McCain and still be very, very old. So, that night I started tooling around the Internet to see what else fell into the category of much older than me, but "Younger than McCain."

John McCain comes from another time, an old war-horse stuck in the past with an old-world view of things. Just for fun and to put into some perspective just how old McCain is, we started compiling lists of things that to most Americans seem really old, but they're still younger than good 'ole John McCain.


Thanks to those who helped me produce this video ...Leave comments for your ideas on other things that are younger than John McCain....


Unknown said...

Hilarious! Scary... but hilarious!

Anonymous said...

You mean John Sidney McCain III, right?

Jack P said...

Same old - same old. Figures some lefty is trying to play the age card. How is Robert "KKK" Byrd doing for you these days?

Unknown said...
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PATCH said...

Well, he is older than the Civil Rights movement. That probably explains why he voted against MLK Jr. Day.

But he's younger than his home country of Panama.

Shawn Wasson said...

Steve... if you're interesting in doing an interview about this site and ad... hit me up.. shawnwasson@clearchannel.com

Bill said...

He's older than "Life" and "Look."
He's older than Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck.
He's older than the stars of "The Bucket List"--Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The jokes write themselves....

Sean said...

Lamer than your site? Pretty much nothing.

I hope i'm as vigorous and intelligent at 72 as McCain is than you are at 55. He recently hiked the Grand Canyon with his Navy officer son (one of two sons on active duty).

Get a life!

sh said...

Such a great concept.
And such a painfully lame execution.

Give this baby to someone who can create something kick-ass, please. Double-please.

Thank you.

Lone Ranger said...

I thought Democrats invented the mortal sin of ageism, along with all the other "isms" in their lexicon. What, your own scriptures don't apply to you?

baatin. said...

He's older than the stars of "The Bucket List"--Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

lmfao. btw, think mccain would know how to get online?

Anonymous said...

Get a life! A 55 yr old making fun of 72 yr old. Wow! You really showed him...

Unknown said...

Wow, this site shows all the dignity and class that I've come to expect from Democrats. Would it be too much to ask that the man be shown some simple respect? Yes, apparently it is, and this is just the ugly first shot.

Riley K. said...

He's older than disposable diapers... which i'm wearing right now!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should consider having a little respect for your elders. Possibly show some actual bringing up. Maybe even something akin to principles and values. You can start with your foul language. I'm sure your mother would be proud.

Paul Miller said...

Typical Democratic propaganda.

This year we have seen racism,sexism and now ageism from Dems. Combined with the growing leftist anti-Semitism, your site fits right in.


ScottP said...

Brilliant: take a potentially legitimate issue (only potentially because, c'mon, the guy's mother is still alive and spry) and COMPLETELY WASTE IT by doing an incredibly obnoxious video narrated by a couple of annoyingly smug little pricks. You're a freakin' genius.

flyover said...

He is older than the defeat you will suffer in November. He may be 72, but he can still kick your scrawny ass!

Bob said...

Removing posts that we don't agree with? I thought Democrats were for free speech - guess not...

bklr said...

What a loser. I am not a huge McCain fan but he's accomplished more in his life than you would if you lived to be 100. Ronald Reagan was 70, too, and he's considered by most Americans...obviously not you, one of our greatest presidents ever. McCain is a patriot who sacrificed and served his country. But you all don't care about that. Trash him to get your EMPTY SUIT Obama into the White House.

And after that last debate, good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

I am eleven days younger than McCain and know from personal experience that some people are old at 55 and others young at 71. If you can deal with your own age perception, you can one day find that out too.

Anonymous said...

What's your point? I am going to be 50 in July and I remember only black and white TV, the Latin Catholic Mass, Sputnik, John Glenn's space flight, Captain Kangaroo, Romper Room, only 4 choices of salad dressing - French, Roquefort, Mayonnaise, and Oil & vinegar (you mixed yourself),
Nearly all of the former hosts of the Tonight Show, and a transister radio, and getting dressed up to fly on an airplane or go to the movies.
So I am old and non productive? I start my Masters Degree journey in the fall. Up yours.

Anonymous said...

What's your point? I am going to be 50 in July and I remember only black and white TV, the Latin Catholic Mass, Sputnik, John Glenn's space flight, Captain Kangaroo, Romper Room, only 4 choices of salad dressing - French, Roquefort, Mayonnaise, and Oil & vinegar (you mixed yourself),
Nearly all of the former hosts of the Tonight Show, and a transister radio, and getting dressed up to fly on an airplane or go to the movies.
So I am old and non productive? I start my Masters Degree journey in the fall. Up yours.

Globetrotter said...

John McCain was born in 1936
Ted Kennedy in 1930
Jimmy Carter in 1924
Jane Fonda in 1937

Maybe we can make a deal and not pay attention to anybody born before 1938?

RichNolan said...


Plutonium exists in nature, it has been around for a very long time.

When it was discovered, when it was first produced by man, or when it first showed up on the periodic table is something else.

Jenny said...

I didn't like the premise of this video. As Obama says, "let's stick to the issues." We don't need to pull the age card to win in November. I really don't think McCain is that old. Now, if he were pushing 80... that might be another story.

On a side note, wasn't velcro invented in the 80s? I remember as a kid, a big deal about velcro. I could be wrong though.

Dave said...

Just proves that the "left" can't come up with anything but, lessee, how would Dr. Watson put it?

"What ineffable twaddle!"

Time to grow some braincells, guys. Funny, the other two "candidates" can't seem to accomplish anything but point out each others' screw-ups. Which, by the way, keep adding up more and more and more and more and more each day. Wouldn't be nice if they could come up with solutions instead of just pouting and calling each other names? Oh, but then there's that pesky little matter of...brain cells.

It's not going to matter who "wins" the next "election". I have no love for either party. But if Democrats were serious about taking the White House, they'd have come up with one candidate by now, instead of having two elitist posers with no sense of reality. Ooops, forgot. Brain cells. My bad.

Our country is truly in sad shape.

Dan said...

Guys, it's just for fun. Relax.

Dave said...

This whole campaign seems like it's just..for...fun.

Like I said...sad shape. Sit back and watch.

JRD said...


I was wondering how the Democrats were going to manage to lose this election too.

Im starting to see now.

Unknown said...

If he wins in November, John McCain will be the oldest person ever elected President of the United States. Reagan was only 69 when he was sworn in.

Remember back to the mid-eighties and decide for yourself whether a repeat might be a good thing or not.

Ross said...

Yeah, the 80s. When I was in college, and the Gipper destroyed all student loan funding. And his veep's son destroyed the savings&loan industry. Good times.

No thanks, oldsters.

Will said...

Incredibly relevant! I love how you show exactly why his age is significant to this election.

I definitely wouldn't want anyone who wasn't born when the great bastions of our society, McDonald's, Burger King, and Wal-Mart weren't around!

Hillary '08!!!

Unknown said...

Post this on YouTube!!! You will get a much larger audience...

Unknown said...

WOW this is hilarious. I cannot believe this guy wasted his time on this. I think we should forget all the candidates because they are all older than the Internet, come to think of it almost all of us are. We need to get a fresh young face maybe somebody in their teens to run for President. I guess if we did that then we would have this person is younger than... I like the idea the guy actually has EXPERIENCE from his age. I by no means wanted McCain but he is truly our best candidate. I guess people want to little cry babies of Hillary Rodham and Barrak Hussein neither of which have any true leadership experience.

Unknown said...

Just to set the record straight, the Democratic Congress voted to repeal tax shelters in 1986 which is what destroyed the Savings and Loan industry - that and the fact that they had invested heavily in commercial real estate which suddenly devalued due to the tax law change.

You may be old enough to remember the result, but you sure don't understand the cause. That is a good point for McCain, he probably has a better grasp of the history of the wars of the last century than Hillary and Barrack put together. That alone makes him a better choice - what with Barrack making comments about bombing Pakistan in the past. Oh yeah, he is right on top of things.

For those without Alzheimer's, age should be one of the higher qualifications for President.

Anonymous said...

McCain is older than the states of Alaska and Hawaii

NoMcBush said...




Anonymous said...

So, judging by your eagerness to belittle McCain based on his age, will you discriminate against Obama and Clinton based on race and gender, as well? I mean, will we now see a WHITER THAN OBAMA website? This is ridiculous and such a waste of time.

Hmm..I thought Democrats were against discrimination? Affirmative action, anyone? I see... the liberal mantra applied to age, race and gender ONLY applies if you are talking about another liberal. Anyone outside the party is fair game, eh?
For instance, we dare not associate Jeremiah Wright with Obama, but it's okay to grill Romney on HIS religion.

Just more evidence that the liberals in this country are the party of "do as I say, not as I do."

Scott Greenstone said...

Good to see Democrats are taking the high road as usual.

When the campaign is over and Democrats are licking their wounds, again, they'll be wondering if staying away from substantive issues and throwing mud while Republicans talked about real problems with real answers, was a wise strategy.

Jerry G said...

I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I will not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent’s the youth and inexperience. -Ronald Reagan
1984 debate with Walter Mondale

Unknown said...

Here's a bunch of things McCain is older than:

Monopoly (1935)
Hoover Dam (1936)
Peter and the Wolf (1936)
live television sports (started at the '36 Olympics)
Batman (1939)
The Manhattan Project (1939) and the Atomic Bomb
LaGuardia Airport (1939)
Pinocchio (1940)

Great video!

afotia said...

Good thing he wasn't too old to defend his country and remain patriotic even as a prisoner of war. Guess you youngsters could hack that POW time, eh? Today's left wing youngsters can't go without their Starbuck's for a day much less spend a day in captivity.

Anonymous said...

Folks, life long Democrat and huge Obama supporter. I am 34. No way I will vote for John McCain. That said, this thing is mean-spirited and ageist. Let's fight this election on issues, not on nonsense -- particularly when the nonsense isn't even all that interesting.

Two final points. First, old people vote. Alot. I don't see the electoral advantage in branding as addle brained a disproportionately significant slice of the people who will elect the next President.

Second, the format of the commercial itself is old school. The actors' voices sound scripted. The script isn't especially clever. It sounds like I am being sold hand soap or auto parts. In short, this commercial feels like it was put together by old people (no offense, old people). So to the extent it's meant to appeal to folks my age and younger, it doesn't.

Stuart Peterson said...

John McCain is older than journalism's code of BBQ attendance ethics.

Unknown said...

You people are ridiculous. This isnt ageist. Where do you see him say that McCain is too old to be president. Its a joke. If you think this is serious, please dont vote.

Josh Cavallaro said...

My only hope is that JM outlives all that took part in this tasteless recording.

Josh Cavallaro said...

Since all Lib's call themselves fair minded; will you be following this up with; Hillary is fatter than Rosie and Obama's ears are bigger than Oprah's rear? Just wondering kids...

Scott Greenstone said...

Bob says this is a joke and if you can't see that, don't vote. Do you really think a video posted by a DNC operative is not meant to sway opinion? If so then, Bob, you are very naieve.

The problem with you is you defend it because it supports your own position even though it's contemptable. That's intellectually dishonest and it is what we have come to expect from this party.

The Democrats benefit from so much free advertising from 'journalists' that has given them such a huge advantage by swaying public opinion and yet it's crap like this that will enable them to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Jerry G said...

Judging from the negative response this little production produced, if it was put up by the DNC, I'll give it a good old Dean 'YYYEEEAAAHHH'. It clearly shows the journalistic swagger and mental status of the party.

OK Now what about the issues. Anyone interested?

Marcos Dinnerstein said...

When he was born the US had only 48 States. Could he deal with the additional 2?
Became a state in:
Alaska - Jan. 3, 1959
Hawaii - Aug. 21, 1959

Anonymous said...

I'm a steadfast Barack Obama supporter but I can say without a doubt that this website is patently offensive and pure trash.

Rubbish like this belongs with other ridiculous lies like Obama's much-mentioned Muslim faith or Hillary's inability to lead the country due to her gender.

If this is the best you've got to hurl at John McCain, I'd suggest you get used to addressing him with the title of "President."

Scorpius said...

So, let me get this straight. It's seriously not OK to attack Obama over the out-right racist views a person who served as his pastor, mentor, friend for over 20 years but it hunkey-dorey to attack McCain because he is... old.

Wow, hypocritical much?

Scorpius said...

And BTW, when you get to be McCain's age and you have to continue to work due to the mess Washington has made of Social Security since it's founding you will not find ageism in the workplace funny.

Wall Street Hero said...

Howard Dean is older than both my mom and my dad too.

megafly said...

Since he isn't a Natural Born citizen
(being born in Panama) is he even elgible to be president?

James said...

McCain has a sense of humor about the jokes concerning his age, but apparently internet Republicans don't.

That makes this whole thing even more hilarious.

Way to get indignant and increase our laughs, guys. Nicely done!

Fiyah said...

damn he was born on the same exact day as my grandma lol.

Unknown said...

Also younger than McCain:

The NBA-1946 NASCAR-1948 The NCAA Basketball Tournament-1939

And I am a McCain admirer who is only a few years younger. I'm sure he's laughing at this, if he's seen it.

ChurchCommittee said...


pam said...

I'm 48 and also older then half this stuff. Older then FM (yes) older then color TV (yes) ...etc.

Too bad some of you will never grow up!

PS - He is not older then the Pope
(who does quite well BTW)

MrBold said...

Nicely done. And you already have a pack of pissed off Republicans-ah rich cream indeed.

I look forward to the next effort.

reddog said...

Bob's right, it's a joke; don't take it so seriously. And don't take seriously the next video, which will involve fried chicken and watermelon. Or the one after that, which will involve a certain time of the month. It's not offensive, it's funny!

AnimalLover said...

It's not funny - I am a year older then McCain.

I am NOT OLD - and am more of a doer then a lot of younger folks.

Do you discriminate?

For shame!

exoren22 said...

Pam: You're not older than anything mentioned in this commercial. The dates of each of these are clearly shown at the end of the video.

John McCain is OLD! It's funny to point out things he's older than. He also has no grip on reality and has many other issues to attack him on. THIS IS A FUNNY MOVIE, AND NOTHING ELSE! Get a grip!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

John McCain is older than flag pins... that's why he doesn't wear one.

Anonymous said...

I'd bet my life's savings this was made by a Republican. Look at the rallying job it has done. No Democrat would have done this and left it up.

And this is why I vote Peace and Freedom. You only get one vote. Let its recipient be someone that will notice it. Voting for a major party is for Yankees fans.

Unknown said...

I'd like to point out that this is pure satire. If John McCain himself can make fun of his age, why can't we? And yes, he is old. At least by presidential standards. I believe someone higher up on the page said he will be the oldest president in history if elected. This video is meant to poke fun at this fact.

If anything, it's respectful! It's pointing out that he has been around longer than many of the common things in this day and age!

And you call Democrats hypocrites? How dare you?! If this were a video of Obama being black or Clinton being a woman, you would be SUPPORTING IT. And do you know what? I would too. Do you know why? It's SATIRE. It's FUNNY.

Unknown said...

I am a 54yo lifetime republican and think highly of John McCain, but this is a good thought provoking video. There are a lot of changes that we face in today's worlds, but there were also significant changes that John McCain's generation faced as well. We are now a 3 and 4 generation society, and we better start realizing the important differences in each generation's psyche. To me, the real question is can the voters come to grips with these issues and choose what is right for our country. Let the democratic process begin!

BeaBea said...

Have you thought about the older voters you're offending with this? We're going to need them in the fall, especially if Sen. Obama is the nominee and we have to win over the older voters who supported Sen. Clinton.

McCain will most likely share the debate stage with a man nearly 30 years younger, so there's nothing to be gained by harping on his age. It just comes across as gratuitous and disrespectful.

Justin Owades said...

Wow - I'm amazed that in all these comments very few people have contributed any ideas! Here are a few:

-Ballpoint Pen

-Computer Software

-Microwave Oven


-Silly Puddy


flyover said...

I will soon have my new website which is going to be called Steve Is Dumber Than..." Please post your contributions and remember it is all in fun! I will start it off:

Steve is Dumber than John McCain

tune in next week for another new site

"Steve has less class than..."

Jerry G said...

>Since he isn't a Natural Born citizen (being born in Panama) is he even eligible to be president?

POST refers to Amendment 14

No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

YES. For the purposes of the Constitutionality he passes.

1st Naturalizaton Law Passed
"And the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond sea, or outside the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens."

Reaffirmed by the Naturalization act of 1795
From Wikepedia

As this video has clearly shown McCain certainly passes the age requirement.

Is the original question a serious question or did I just waste 15 minutes of my life answering it.

Jerry G said...

>Since he isn't a Natural Born citizen (being born in Panama) is he even eligible to be president?

POST refers to Amendment 14

No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

YES. For the purposes of the Constitutionality he passes.

1st Naturalizaton Law Passed
"And the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond sea, or outside the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens."

Reaffirmed by the Naturalization act of 1795
From Wikepedia

As this video has clearly shown McCain certainly passes the age requirement.

Is the original question a serious question or did I just waste 15 minutes of my life answering it.

Unknown said...

People need to follow the proper safety procedures for introrectalcranial removal and learn to get a sense of humor.

Unknown said...

richnolan needs to get HIS facts straight.

Plutonium is CREATED from uranium. It is not found in nature.

James Greenlee said...

Wow. There is an astonishing lack of appreciation for humor on this comment board! Good grief, the video was snarky, yes, and irreverent too. But it isn't trying to come off like a serious smack-down.

72 is pretty old to start your first term as President. In fact, it would be the oldest ever in this country. That makes it relevent.

As revered as Ronald Reagan has become (he wasn't as much in 1987), if he'd started out at 72, he may well have been suffering from Alzheimer's Disease before the end of his second term. Assuming he wasn't, of course.

Unknown said...

Cam someone please point out where this video actually says anything bad about McCain.
And scott, if you manage to read this, dont assume that this 'supports my position' to form your arguements. If I was american i would probably be voting for McCain or no-one.

Monty Park said...

John McCain is older than:
Rock'n'Roll (ca. 1955)
Life Magazine (Nov. 1936)
India (1947)
The majority of African countries
The Hobbit (1937)
Bugs Bunny AND Daffy Duck (1937-38)
Hewlett-Packard (1939)
Israel (1947)
The Atomic Bomb (1945)
Alaska and Hawaii as states (1959)
Maury Povich (1939)
All of the Beatles (1940, 1942, and 1943)
The Pasadena Freeway AND New Jersey Turnpike (1940 and 1950)

Unknown said...

Not only is this video very, very funny, you make your point: Much of McCain's experience is way past its use-by date.
I'm 58 and realize how much I don't know. So much of the world is newer than I am.
Simple as that.

pato said...

lol. i'm not old. that's cool.

crb said...

Nice. First we had to deal with sexism, then racism, now ageism?

Can't we discuss the issues, rather than indulge than personal attacks?

Yes, he is old, and he's spent most of his life working for and on behalf of this country, so show a little respect, eh?

Pete said...

Globetrotter (see below) is misleading when he talks about other old people, considering they were in their prime a quarter century ago, as opposed to running now. (Jane Fonda won her first Oscar 36 years ago. Carter was 53 when he was President --31 years ago, and 78 when he won his Nobel Peace Prize. )

And age (also senility) are good things to think about, which should have happened when Ronald Reagan was with Alzheimer's during his presidency.

The job of presidency is quite demanding (check out photos of presidents before and after their term of office). But McCain has other bad things about him (including or especially: his stance remaining in the Iraq war) and his cluelessness on people being out of work or unable to pay a mortgage, when he's a multi-millionaire with a wife worth $100million, and then he derides others as being elitist. Yes, McCain is funny at times, and self-deprecating, but he is also misguided (his former stance on ML King day, and his current stance on the Christian rightwing).

Look, I agree age should not be the only factor: I would not want a young fascist as president. But it is a factor.

"Globetrotter said...
John McCain was born in 1936
Ted Kennedy in 1930
Jimmy Carter in 1924
Jane Fonda in 1937

Maybe we can make a deal and not pay attention to anybody born before 1938?"

Benjamin Ady said...

older than feature length animated cartoons

Unknown said...

Ageism smageism. No one seems to recall how McCain proved he was out
of step with the times by calling a bunch of people GOOKS - a slur - a
couple weeks ago and refusing to apologize. Or what about when John
Ashcroft "mistakenly" called Obama Osama. Who's playing cards here?
You right-wing nutters can just get off your high horses (or pain
pills. . . whatever you people are into these days) right now.
Anyway, this video was well done, hilarious, and TRUE. Which cannot
be said about McCain's or Ashcroft's statements.

Unknown said...

I am a die-hard Demmy. Be it either Obama or Hillary, I'm behind them 120%.
I am trying to grasp the hilarity between FM radio and John McCain in this video. Perhaps this video is intended for people under 30 who don't care about the bigger issues at hand.

lofipi said...

Older than Dick Cheney - ouch!

He was also born before:

1. Winston Churchill commenced his prime ministership of Great Britain
2. Germany invaded Poland in WWII
3. The Hindenburg explosion
4. Buddy Holly
5. The Wizard of Oz (movie)
6. Amelia Earhart disappeared
7. George Gershwin died
8. Edward VIII abdicated the throne
9. Madeleine Albright
10. Gone With the Wind (movie)

Note to self: You are great! said...

He is also older than...

1. acrylic paint
2. DNA fingerprints
3. organ transplants
4. audio cassettes
5. smoke detectors
6. Nike Sneakers, Apple Computers, Sony Walkman

But wait... so are Hillary and Obama!

Left of the Dial said...

Older than the discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia!

Left of the Dial said...

Oil in Saudi Arabia
The ball point pen
Superman and Batman
Daffy Duck and Buggs Bunny
The Minimum wage in the US
The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men
Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
Thailand (as opposed to Siam...)
Buddy Holly would be if still alive

Also: Animals that weren't extinct yet when John McCain was born:
Caspian Tiger
Cape Lion
Japenese Sea Lion
Guam Flying Fox
Korean Sea-eagle
Volcano Islands Peregrine Falcon

CRConrad said...

Jenny: Velcro may not be from the eighties, but I definitely recall hearing / reading mention of how it is "a spin-off from the space program" (one of many very useful such).

Considering how the space program really only got going full speed in the 1960s, Velcro is also younger than at least Hillary, and probably younger than Obama too.

Jon Hainer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley said...

Jet aircraft (1939)

Kate said...

Older than

spray paint in a can (1949)
air bags (1973)
astroturf (1065)
automatic doors (1954)
Apgar scale (to test physical strength of an infant) (1953)
Polio vaccine (1952)
March of Dimes (1938)
United Nations
"This Land is Your Land" (1940

Anonymous said...

You people seem to be taking this amusing and slightly corny video a bit too seriously. And all the responses about respect??? What kind of democracy would this be if we couldn't check our leaders' egos by poking fun at them every once in awhile. Red or blue, left or right, I think alot of you people need to lighten up.

Good choice on the Clash for the video. Great Song!

Fitch said...

Hey Sean,

McCain's son is a Navy Officer? They hiked together? Oh well, let's elect him for president then.


I heart the troops.

Jon Hainer said...

A couple more things:

- Food Stamps
- Social Security
- Multi-lane highways (PA Turnpike is the first in 1940.)
- Women in the Military
- HMO's
- The Atom Bomb
- The Cold War (1945-1992)
- United Nations
- The Pentagon
- Transistors
- Jets
- The NBA

Unknown said...

Wow!, such a lot of humorless cranky old folks coming to defend McCain from charges that he is -um- humorless, cranky and old. Plus you always gotta love the Robert Byrd references coming from the party of Strom Thurmond. The last few years I believe you had old Strom stuffed and just rolled him onto the senate floor with a ventriloquist/'nurse' always nearby. McCain does seem reasonably fit and active, but he clearly is not the same man the media fell in love with back in 2000.

Unknown said...

He's just 2 years younger than Metamucil and Wilford Brimley (both 1934). He's way older than Depends undergarments (1980). And he's way younger than Geritol (1885). But evidence suggests that he's older than the corn dog (1938 to 1946). Kind of hard to imagine an America without corn dogs, isn't it?
Rock'n'Roll legend Buddy Holly died almost 50 years ago, but if he were alive today he'd be YOUNGER than John McCain (by 8 days). That means John McCain is older than "the day the music died", quite probably he's older than the "Chevy" if not the "levee". McCain himself may even have been one of the "good old boys drinking whiskey and rye" referenced in the song. He's THAT old.

Unknown said...

u guys think dems are mean
2 words
george bush heres a quote from him

Yes, Peter. Are you going to ask that question with shades on? ...I'm interested in the shade look, seriously... For the viewers, there's no sun.
--George W. Bush

Washington, DC
comment to legally blind reporter, Peter Wallsten (Bush later apologized)

Atlanta said...

John Sidney McCain III was born in the era of morse code. Morse code! Modern digital transmission was first invented in 1937 (by Alec Reeves of Britain).

ffakr said...

** sorry long, I needed to take a break from debugging a Server **

I think you hit the nail on the head. The Republicans seem very agitated that anyone mentioned McCain is very near the median life expectancy of U.S. males (recently surging to 75!!).
Simply, the odds are against McCain surviving a single term. That's not mean, it's just reality (something the right wing always seemed adverse to).

Even though this is snark, age is a real concern here. It's a REAL issue in this campaign in contrast to how well Barak bowls or whether he (like nearly every other politician) chooses to NOT wear a flag pin every day. This isn't ageism. We want our President to live through his term. Polling has consistently noted that All voters, D-I-R, are concerned about McCain's age.

There are mandatory retirement ages for many critical jobs. There are no 72 year old Commercial Airline Pilots. It is simply too risky to allow 'old people' to perform such work, where the lives of people are at risk.
Is it more or less reasonable to consider age for a Job that is responsible for the security of 350,000,000 people (or really the whole world) vs. a job where someone is responsible for the security of a couple hundred people?

Further, McCain has long suppressed the release of his medical records. What is he hiding? (note, I'm not sure if he ever got around to releasing them)

As for the whiny right wing troll complaints:

- No this isn't age-ism. That's when a fully competent IT person can't get a new job past 45. This is about the real statistical risk of dying, dementia or simple incapacitation. The ultimate dementia, Alzheimer's, generally occurs after 65. Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at 83 though he likely had symptoms for longer, thank god it didn't happen just a bit earlier (he was blasted for being too detached from the operations of the Executive to know Iran-Contra was happening.. or he was simply lying about treason).
- Respecting your elders extends up until the time they demonstrate they don't deserve your respect. McCain is a hot-headed bully. His aggressive, swear laden, confrontations with other Senators on the floor of Congress are well documented. His physical altercation with Rick Renzi has been confirmed. He has been reported (by several unnamed republican staffers) to have exploded on his wife, calling her a C*nt infront of several people.
McCain was part of the Keating 5. He then impeded the investigation.
McCain is anything but a salwart maverick. He has repeatedly made 180 degree flip-flops on his positions and policies. He is currently in violation of the campaign funding laws he originally proposed.
McCain actively courted the worst fringes of the radical Christian Right. His boy, Haggee, has said the most vile things and has openly advocated Nuking Iran to bring about the end of the world. Seriously.
McCain has squandered any respect he may have once deserved.
- "Robert "KKK" Bird? That's the best you got? What does Robert Bird have to do with whether or not John McCain is too old to be President.
- This concern-troll deserves some attention:
I'm a steadfast Barack Obama supporter but I can say without a doubt that this website is patently offensive and pure trash.

Rubbish like this belongs with other ridiculous lies like Obama's much-mentioned Muslim faith or Hillary's inability to lead the country due to her gender.

Why is this patently offensive in light of the attacks against Obama?
Obama is being attacked for a pin.. for bowling. None of that, not one scintilla, has anything at all with his ability to perform the duties of the President for 4 years. Being Old does. Statistically, McCain will be more likely to be dead than alive before a 4 years Presidental term is up.
Further, this site.. aside from being absolutely truthful, is satire. It's a freaking JOKE. The best humor is wrapped around a kernel of truth though, isn't it?
The topic of McCain's age relevant and this site addresses this in a satirical manner. The issues related to Obama are manufactured and calculated, they're typical right-wing dirty politics as defined by Lee Atwater.
.. How many times does Obama have to say he doesn't support person X while McCain gets to openly court the most Odious of fringe religious nuts?
.. How is Obama's tangential relationship with Rezko more important that McCain being IN the Keating5?
.. How is Hilary's purported Bitchiness anything like McCain's frequent violent outbursts?
.. How is Obama's youth and perceived lack of experience more news-worthy than McCains frequent and repetitive mistakes in regard to forign policy, economics, and other topics. McCain has amply demonstrated that he doesn't know what is going on in Iraq and Iran or with Al Queda. He admitted he doesn't know anything about Economics and even the Conservatives are lambasting him about his economic proposals.

Seriously folks. The site is a joke, but it's pretty topical.
For the trolls.. Just wait until the McCain attacks do start. This guy's got a lot of skeletons and a ton of chinks in his armor. He's doomed if the Democrats can get the MSM to get off McCains lap and actually report on them.

Humanistic Jones said...

John McCain is officially older than...

1) under God in the pledge of allegiance (than old staple of McCarthyism didn't happen until June 14, 1954)
2) "In God we Trust" on our dollars (October 1, 1957)
3) Older than our knowledge of modern genetics (April 25, 1953 when Watson and Crick published on the structure of DNA)

MattyMatt said...

What would you recommend that old people do, if not attempt to share with us the benefit of their experience?

Saint said...

wow. libs who turned out to be stupid ageist fucks. who knew?

Unknown said...

He's also older than the photocopier (37), the ballpoint pen (38), teflon (38), aerosol spray cans (41), the Slinky (43), Silly Putty (43), the atomic bomb (45), The Microwave (46), The Transistor Radio (47), The Jukebox (48), Super Glue (51) Video Tape (51) Diet Soda (52), BARBIE (59) Hand held Calculators (67) and much more!


Unknown said...

Hey Blogger BoSox_or_Bust, he's doing okay. He's really freakin old. Almost as old as Strom Thurmond was when he finally died a few years ago.

But you know what both those guys really had in common? Neither are currently running for President. Unlike old man McCain.

SP Biloxi said...

Bravo! Hilarious! LOL!

SP Biloxi
Justice League

roboturk said...

not bad. not bad at all. Looks like lots of o-l-d folks are upset that we spotted how old McCain is. They are not going to just pick up their walkers and leave, even if this is the point where the generational changeover happens.

I guess they don't see much funny about being older than nylon.

Unknown said...

What kind of irreverant hooey is this?
Why back in my day, iff'n some dang smarty-pants whippersnapper showed this kind of public disrespect for one of his elders, he'd a been set straight right a way.
I'm telling you this kind of deranged poppycock would not have been tolerated. Not for one iota.

Aaron M. Thomas said...

The technology for McCain's plastic surgery is younger than McCain.

Steve J. said...

McWAR is also older than nuclear weapons.

Unknown said...

older than a Walkman
older than the 8-track-tape player
older than the Beatles Invasion
older than alkaline batteries (just a guess)
older than the NBC peacock
older than the IBM Selectric typewriter

McCain is about 4-5 years younger than the Empire State building

McCain is older than the first Xerox machine
(see this wikipedia page for list of American inventions:


McCain is older than the invention of the aerosol spray can, the microwave oven, the invention of carbon dating, the Polaroid camera, the disposable diaper, the old game Scrabble, the Polio vaccine, the integrated circuit, the laser beam, "the pill" (first oral contraceptive),

ArdRi6 said...

Buddy Holly is younger than McCain

Anonymous said...

the video was almost as funny as the bedwetting that has ensued in the comments.

hey wingnut whiners, you're guy's really fucking old and he should get called out on it, more emphatically than this video does, in fact. mccain's candidacy can't actually be considered to have officially begun until he picks his VP, since we all know that the odds of him surviving a four year term are not great.

Keith Politte said...

McCain is older than SPAM

SPAM was introduced on July 5, 1937.

Fred Dodsworth said...

I loved the video,
...love your website,
...love the comments most of all.

I've posted the video on my blog.
Great work and funny as hell
(but not as old)

bitter american said...

At least you are honest. It is at least fair that we know you are an operative of George Soros.

Skier said...

Joe Strummer would kill you. Chag Sameach asshole.

MyAss said...

wow,I found a few comments fascinating. Hmmmm it is only a joke when you are not the target. Ageism, like sexism and racism, isn't funny.

The 55 year person who started this website, must have parents who are probably around 75.......... I think this is disrespectful to his parents as well as to John McCain.

This is only helping to teach the younger generation how to continue to be disrespectful.

Why is targeting someone because of their age deemed to acceptable?

Our Western values really suck big time when it comes to our elders.

John McCain has a lot more life lessons learned than someone at 55 and definitely more than some snot nose kid at 20, who thinks they know everything.

I am a liberal, but I would never defend this video nor do I think it is remotely funny. This video is tactless.

Mikerosoft2004 said...

"John McCain is older than color TV" ........Um, ...So WHAT?

AJ said...

John McCain is older than Old Spice and Old Milwaukee

2cents said...

Of course age is on the table.

Only 15 of 41 Presidents have lived to an age older than McCain. (We don't yet know about Clinton or GW Bush). Only 13 have lived to the age McCain will be if he survives his first term.

As much as we hate to admit it death is a certainty.

Senator Obama's parents born before Senator McCain, both deceased.

Tom Clifford said...

John McCain is older than the last Chicgo Cubs World Series appearance!

Lurch said...

Wait a minute. How many of the whiners who posted on here in defense of McCain are the same ones who are attacking Obama for stuff other people said.

Even Fox News tried to whitewash McCain's mountain of defense gaps regarding Iraq as a bunch of 'senior moments'. And that's from the people ON HIS SIDE!

You guys attack Obama over totally non-related stuff and of course Obama supporters are going to attack back. Were you born yesterday? Er, I mean were you born pre-1935??

You hit, you get hit back. Geez. What a bunch of babies.

Lurch said...

John McCain is older than 14 professional baseball teams, older than 24 professional NHL teams, and 30 years older than the Super Bowl.

Unknown said...

John McCain is older than Rev. Wright.

Unknown said...

John McCain would be older than both of Barack Obama's parents, if they were still living.

WiscoYankee said...

The Jefferson Memorial is younger than John McCain. And it now needs repair: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/05/13/AR2008051302867.html?hpid=artslot