Thursday, May 15, 2008

And - after much ado - presenting McAncient....

It's a McMasterpiece as far as we're concerned.

John J King is the brains (& voice) behind this operation. He was helped by Andrew Roy, & Zac McIntyre (our musical talent) and Brendan Kara (he kept us honest - see here for the facts). Our videographer wants to remain anonymous but he did a great job. Stayed tuned...we've got lots more ideas up our sleeves....including an unplugged-uncut-sagging-all-over version of the song coming soon....

Seriously - it's all really younger than McCain

Well, mostly. Shopping malls - alright, fine, they’re older, but it rhymes…Hot Dog Weenies - we don't really know but it's funny. And, finally - radar was developed before McCain was born but really it wasn't used til WWII. Anyway - take a look below.

Words and Music by John J King

John McCain will be 72 before the next election
Older than any other first-term president – I wonder if he still gets erections
He’s so old and seen so much, we thought we’d make a list and write this tribute song.
He’s older than a lot of things and so it’s really long

GI Joes, Barbie Dolls, The Air Force, Shopping Malls
The CIA and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Credit Cards, String Bikinis, Minute Rice, Hot Dog Weenies

Pop Tarts, Tupperware, Hula Hoops, Medicare
Nike Shoes, The Pentagon, Burger King, Teflon
Gatorade, Radar, Slinkies; and the urge to make it kinky

Irish Coffee black with a big shot of Jack is even younger than “the Mac”

Everything in this song is younger than John McCain
He can’t even get the facts right in his own campaign
He may be sleeping through the senate but hey I can’t complain
We could rent a better president…

Disney World, Disneyland, CocaCola in a Can
Sweet n’ Low, Tylenol, Batman and Thunderball
K-F-C, The Rubik’s Cube, Implants for your Boobs
The Atom Bomb, and “Under God” in the Pledge.

John McCain is older than the Golden Gate Bridge
He’s younger than Bob Dole but only by a smidge

Verse 3:
Frosted Flakes and Pizza Hut boyhood friends with King Tut
Alaska, Velcro, Air Bags, I guess that’s why his face sags
NATO, The United Nations; he’s as old as FM Stations
Israel, Rock and Roll, Keith Richards, Birth Control
He’s older than his wife and he’s younger than his mama
He’s old enough to be one and a half Barack Obamas

Bridge 3:
Spaghetti-O’s, Pinocchio, Firebombs in Tokyo
Casablanca, Bambi and the Wizard of Oz

Everything in this song is younger than The Mac
He calls himself an expert but he keeps mixing up the facts
He’s either forgetting or he’s smoking too much crack
We could rent a better president

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Follow up on Younger than McCain

Thanks to all of you for your great comments – and to those of you who had not-so-great comments too. What is obvious is that people have passionate views about Sen. McCain. More than 35,000 people have now viewed the video on YouTube! We will be following up with another video in a couple of weeks so stay tuned.

Some of my favorite comments on this blog came from Joe…who reminded us that McCain is older than "the day the music died.” Also liked comments on CNN’s Jack Cafferty’s blog

Keep your comments coming…

Also – check out some of the press we got from The Washington Post; CNN; Air America; Daily Kos; Wall Street Journal; and the National Journal (available to subscribers only fyi).


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Younger than McCain

Recently when I was celebrating my 55th birthday, I told a friend that while I don't feel old, 55 IS old. In an attempt to console me she said, "Hey, you're not old, John McCain is old. You're younger than McCain." I immediately thought, yes, John McCain IS OLD -- but one could be younger than McCain and still be very, very old. So, that night I started tooling around the Internet to see what else fell into the category of much older than me, but "Younger than McCain."

John McCain comes from another time, an old war-horse stuck in the past with an old-world view of things. Just for fun and to put into some perspective just how old McCain is, we started compiling lists of things that to most Americans seem really old, but they're still younger than good 'ole John McCain.


Thanks to those who helped me produce this video ...Leave comments for your ideas on other things that are younger than John McCain....